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shira danan has written for the onion, gelf, foxstamp murphy sketch comedy, and more (like the chico enterprise-record). she also writes longer musings on judaism at whathappenedtoshiradanan.com and shorter musings on everything at smokingpancakes.blogspot.com.

Missives from Gaza

By January 1, 2009

How does it feel to be living in Gaza or have family and friends in Gaza right now? Not many people are blogging from Gaza today because of the lack of electricity. But a little research yielded a few bloggers … Read More

Resources for Bleeding Hearts

By December 29, 2008

Need some help figuring out why Israel’s bombing of Gaza doesn’t sit quite right with you? Luckily for you, I’ve compiled some useful resources.  – The Palestinian politician’s perspective: Here’s an article in the Huffington Post by Mustafa Barghouthi, the … Read More

Let’s Just Start Our Own Mainstream

By December 4, 2008

Jewish Voice for Peace (my favorite marginalized Jews for peace nonprofit) is currently conducting a campaign for the Shministim 2008-a group of young conscientious objectors refusing to begin service in the Israeli Army. (They’ve also got about 800 supporters on … Read More

What I Learned About Judaism from Christian Evangelicals

By December 1, 2008

I originally logged on to Campus Life’s (an evangelical Christian organization) "Ignite Your Faith" webzine to make fun of the people who write and read Campus Life’s "Ignite Your Faith" webzine (I gigglingly googled "devotionals for teens" after my friend … Read More