About Shmuel Rosner

Shmuel Rosner is Haaretz's chief U.S. correspondent, and is based in Washington. He, his wife and their three children live in Maryland.

A long-time American history buff, in the last decade Rosner has written numerous pieces about U.S. policy and politics, and traveled across the United States covering the 2000 and 2004 elections for Haaretz.

He has been a frequent guest on Israeli television and radio as an analyst of American policy, and has lectured at Tel Aviv University and other institutions on Israeli journalism and politics. In the United States, he has spoken at Boston University's school of journalism and at the American University in Washington.

Why U.S. Candidates Should Stop Talking About Israel

By October 20, 2008

Both Shmuel Rosner and Jeffrey Goldberg have written recently of the need for American national candidates to stop gibbering on about Israel. "The goal of Zionism is normalcy, Jewish normalcy," Goldberg noted last week on his Atlantic blog. "This, of … Read More

Do Jews Have A Special Responsibility To Fight Against Genocide?

By June 26, 2008

From: Shmuel Rosner To: Adam LeBor Dear Adam, Thank you for your thoughtful response. The lesson of your experience seems quite obvious: if even someone like yourself, whose instincts (I suspect) are much more pro-UN than mine, has turned skeptical, … Read More

No Quick Fix Can Make The UN Work Right

By June 12, 2008

From: Shmuel Rosner To: Adam LeBor Dear Adam, Thank you for your letter. I now see that it was probably an error not to first detail more of the stories highlighted in your book, and only then move to ask … Read More

Is There Any Hope For The UN To Do Good?

By June 9, 2008

In researching Complicity with Evil, Adam LeBor discovered that the three great killing fields of the last decade—Bosnia, Rwanda, and Darfur—were not only ravaged by murderous convulsions (still ongoing in the case of Darfur), but abetted in doing so by … Read More

It Isn’t Jewish Thinkers Who Think Jewishness Is A Disease

By May 21, 2008

To: David Samuels From: Shmuel Rosner Dear David, How lucky I am to have a thick skin. So, thank you for complimenting my relatively meager talents; I'll just ignore the insults, as I'm sure you did not really mean any … Read More

Are American Jews Authentic Americans, Or Posers, Or Pretenders?

By May 15, 2008

To: David Samuels From: Shmuel Rosner Dear David, Thank you for your explanation. My impression is that this could become a long and detailed dialogue about the nature of journalism, literature and all things in between, but I'm really not … Read More

How To Fake Your Way To The Ivy League

By May 12, 2008

For many people, publishing even one book can be a lifelong dream. David Samuels, a prolific contributor to The Atlantic, The New Yorker, and many other magazines, managed to publish two books just in the last month. The Runner is … Read More

It’s Up To Israelis To Bridge The Gap With American Jews

By April 17, 2008

From: Shmuel Rosner To: Gregory Levey Dear Gregory, “For some time now, I have been testing them,” you write in your book. We both agreed the book was full of funny moments, and those looking for it can find it … Read More