About Susan Katz Miller

Susan Katz Miller writes the leading blog on interfaith identity at http://onbeingboth.com/

She has surveyed hundreds of parents about why they are raising their interfaith children with both religions, and she is writing a book on this topic. She also writes a parenting column in print and online, and is a former Newsweek reporter.

Letter to Chelsea Clinton: Ignore the Buttinskys

By December 7, 2009

Dear Chelsea, I hope you are able to tune out all the obnoxious media speculation on whether or not you will convert to Judaism. Understand that the commentary on your private life is driven by fear of the other, and … Read More

Bill of Rights for Interfaith People

By December 4, 2009

I grew up in the first small, significant wave of American children born to intermarried Jewish and Christian parents. Many of us have Jewish fathers who joined the service during World War II, came back home with radically expanded horizons, … Read More

Charter for Compassion: Interfaith Beyond Kumbaya

By November 13, 2009

As an interfaith child, I tend to avoid "interfaith" conferences. Religious leaders inevitably describe the ideal interfaith encounter as one in which we must gird our religious loins in order to cross a bridge and embrace the "other," without being … Read More

Why I’m Not Raising My Kids (Only) Jewish

By October 26, 2009

As a half-Jew, I no longer feel exotic. It seems like the entire Jewish blogosphere is half-Jewish. Celebrity half-Jews are everywhere. But my kids are really on the cutting edge—they’re “quarter-Jews.” They have one Jewish grandparent, my father. And yes, … Read More