About tahlraz

Before joining Jewcy Media as President and Editor, Tahl Raz was a Senior Editor at Fortune Small Business. He is the co-author of the national bestseller, Never Eat Alone. He started his career at the Jerusalem Post as the youngest person in the newspaper's history to be published in the weekend magazine (the article was a profile of an Israeli radio sex therapist). After a stint as a feature writer and reporter for the Post, he has served as a feature writer for Inc. magazine, an on-air correspondent for the NPR-distributed radio show, "Beyond Computers," and contributed to the San Francisco Chronicle, GQ, and others. He was named one of America's top 30 business journalists under the age of 30 by the trade publication TJFR. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Vassar College.

After Madoff: Redefining What ‘Success’ Means

By January 15, 2009

From Madoff to Enron to Long-Term Capital, the American people have been subjected to some pretty sophisticated scams over the years; but no hoax is more shameful, or potentially destructive, than the presiding myth of wealth’s infinite virtuosity. The myth … Read More

After Madoff: Where Do We Go From Here?

By January 14, 2009

In this continuing drama of ambition, social class, and greed we are confronted daily with the sad victims, loathsome characters and resented symbols of excess marking the rise and fall of our Wall Street-led culture. Bernie Madoff’s victims are only … Read More

After Madoff: Blaming the Rich?

By January 13, 2009

The backlash is upon us. We’re done, at least for the moment, with the urban elite’s obsession with the rich and powerful; or more specifically, done with how that obsession was flaunted and insinuated into the forefront of the popular … Read More

Jewcy: Cartoonist Gerardo Blumenkrantz

By December 23, 2008

The best cartoonists, political or otherwise, can powerfully shape opinion with an unpredicatable employment of both levity and darkness — sometimes all at once in a singular image. With cartoonists like Pat Oliphant or Tom Toles, you can never be … Read More

Is Torah the Solution to the Global Economic Crisis?

By October 13, 2008

The global financial markets are in ruins. It’s irrelevant whether the street’s name starts with Wall or Main; on every metaphorical avenue, dirt road, and interstate in practically every city and locale around the world the real people that inhabit … Read More

News That Makes an Israeli Strike on Iran More Likely

By September 25, 2008

From our friend and advisor over at the Atlantic, J. Goldberg, a link to analysis by Haaretz’s Yossi Melman, who blames Russian intervention for the collapse of sanctions, thrusting Israel into a wholly disconcerting either/or scenario: Because there is great … Read More

Sarah Palin: Anti-Abortion, Anti-Environment, and. . . Anti-Semite?

By September 4, 2008

My future father-in-law, Mike, and I have gotten in the habit of using election fodder to playfully taunt each other over email. I’m for Obama and he’s for McCain.  I get the crazy email forwards that make the rounds of … Read More

How Israel Trained and Equipped Georgia’s Army

By August 20, 2008

  Noah Shachtman, editor of Wired's blog on national security, and in my mind one of the best reporters on that beat, has a great post on how Israel's military connection to Georgia is fueling increasing discord between Israel and … Read More