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Before joining Jewcy Media as President and Editor, Tahl Raz was a Senior Editor at Fortune Small Business. He is the co-author of the national bestseller, Never Eat Alone. He started his career at the Jerusalem Post as the youngest person in the newspaper's history to be published in the weekend magazine (the article was a profile of an Israeli radio sex therapist). After a stint as a feature writer and reporter for the Post, he has served as a feature writer for Inc. magazine, an on-air correspondent for the NPR-distributed radio show, "Beyond Computers," and contributed to the San Francisco Chronicle, GQ, and others. He was named one of America's top 30 business journalists under the age of 30 by the trade publication TJFR. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Vassar College.

The Politics of Shit-Slinging

By November 2, 2006

In a column published yesterday, Slate's Jacob Weisberg characterizes this congressional election's nearly-unprecedented campaign shit-slinging as a "specifically conservative contribution." Republican candidates are running attack ads insinuating, or in some cases outright declaring, that Democrats are homosexual, pedophillic, flag-burning, drug-abusing, … Read More