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At Long Last, “If I Did It” is Here

By August 31, 2007

I really did think—naively, I guess—that this was over and done with, a triumph indicating at least an inkling of collective dignity, when Rupert Murdoch caved to outside pressure and pulled the thing from the presses.  Oh but no. The … Read More

Challenging the Religious Police

By August 31, 2007

The New Statesman reports that Saudi society is beginning to rebel against the country’s infamous religious police, or mutawwa'in, which have long served as enforcers for the seriously-named Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice:  …public outcry … Read More

Suicide Bombing Isn’t Faith-Based

By August 31, 2007

Angry Blog: Christopher Hitchens: “Of the suicide bombing population, 100% are faith-based.” (at 52 min) "Wrong. Prior to 2003, the leading suicide bombing organization was the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lankda, a secular, Marxist-influenced separatist group."  Robert Pape, the leading … Read More

Hamas Continues Copyright Violations

By August 31, 2007

In May, Mickey Mouse’s Islamofascist cousin—the one that’s never invited to the weddings—was beaten to death by an Israeli terrorist. But never fear, never fear, for the Disney franchise is stocked with willing martyrs…and so it was that last week … Read More

bin Laden as Christ and Hirst as Artist

By August 30, 2007

Among the 500 entries for the Blake Prize for Religious Art in Australia are a painting depicting Osama bin Laden as Jesus Christ and a statue of the Virgin Mary covered in a blue burqa familiar to Afghani women that … Read More

The (Deserved) Bolaño Hype

By August 30, 2007

This past summer, I discovered Roberto Bolano (somewhat embarrassingly, since Latin America had long since proclaimed him the most important writer of his generation, but US literary critics were only just catching on to the already overdue English translations). I … Read More

The Anti-US Bourne

By August 30, 2007

Sometimes I feel like criticizing Bill O'Reilly is so easy I must be falling into a trap, like he designs what he says not to actually say anything but to elicit the sort of impassioned immediate rebuttals from the left … Read More

Compassion for Craig

By August 29, 2007

As funny as this and this may be, it gets tiresome really quickly. It’s not that Rebublican hypocrisy re: homosexuality shouldn’t be publicized, but the immediate and widespread glee buries the actual seriousness and does Liberals a disservice in the long … Read More