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Daily Jewce: Jewish/Nordic Thanksgiving, Google Israel, Jews and The 2010 Election and More

By November 3, 2010

Our daily news roundup includes an interesting Thanksgiving meal that might catch on among the Jews, how the Tribe did in the election, Google Israel’s interesting advances and so much more. Read More

Daily Jewce: Jews Do Election Day, Jews Love Allergy Studies And Stories From The West Bank

By November 2, 2010

Today’s news: Your neighborhood Halal cart guy endorses a candidate, Jews in the election, allergies, stories from the West Bank and more Read More

Al Tirah! Fear Not!: Jews Continue To Make Spooky Films In Time For Halloween

By October 29, 2010

Yesterday the Republican Jewish Coalition gave us their version of a “spooky movie,” but ended up eliciting dick jokes. Today, Jewish Funds For Justice, gave us a video full of disturbing imagery as part of their Al Tirah!  Fear Not! … Read More

Jewish Heroes: Total Sausage Party?

By October 27, 2010

Five of the finalists for the JFNA’s Jewish Community Heroes award are all men: Dmitriy Salita, Jay Feinberg, Mordechai Tokarsky, Stephen Kutner and Zvi Gluck. Read More

Dan Goldman’s Spooky Real Estate

By October 26, 2010

The Jews Who Rock Wiki

By November 15, 2006

Bring them on! Read More