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Jewcy’s Favorite Parent Blogger Of 2010: Mayim Bialik

For all those wondering what Mayim Bialik is doing no, look no further than, where Bialik is regular contributor to the popular Jewish parenting blog.

The Ballad Of Los Angeles Gentrification

The L.A. Times says gentrification has hit the Echo Park area. This troubles Rachel Glassberg, so she wrote a song about it.

Harry Potter Is Dead And Buried In Israel

The tombstone of a British soldier who was killed in action in 1939, when England controlled Palestine, has become a huge tourist attraction for the Israeli town of Ramle.

San Francisco Trying To Put The Clamp Down On Circumcision

If passed, a new law proposed by an anti-circumcision could carry a $1,000 fine and up to a year in prison.

Gene Simmons Is Proof There Aren’t Many Good Jewish Role Models On Television

When a blog designed as a place where “Jewish women converse” says Gene Simmons is…

Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Jewish Food In One Podcast

Rabbi, chef, and James Beard Award-winning cookbook author, Gil Marks, talks about his new Encyclopedia of Jewish Food.

The Sunday Mazel: My Big Fat Jewish/Orthodox Greek Wedding

Our pick for best wedding announcement this week, is between Hilary Zwerdling and Nicholas Papas,…

Jewcy Cheers on Blue Card at the New York City Marathon

On November 7th, most of Team Jewcy will be planted on a corner somewhere in…