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Ben Cohen is the Associate Communications Director of AJC and the editor of Z Word.

Ahmadinejad Speaks

By April 13, 2009

In his latest interview with Der Spiegel, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is by turns ingratiating ("By the way, thank you once again for coming. You are Germans, and we think very highly of the Germans,") haughty ("You are journalists, not representatives of … Read More

Next Year in South Africa. Not.

By April 2, 2009

Last Saturday morning, I switched on Fox Soccer Channel for the first of a series of World Cup qualifiers which the station, a veritable lifeline for football lovers in America, was broadcasting. A live feed from Tehran appeared on my … Read More

Jazz and Protest: A Reappraisal

By April 1, 2009

A quick plug for a new essay on Z Word, the website which I edit. Jazz critic David Adler reappraises the relationship between jazz and protest, pointing out that the discourse of "resistance" which has traditionally surrounded the music now … Read More

It’s Not Genocide, Honest…

By March 16, 2009

Declaring in the LA Times that “the problem is Zionism,” novelist Ben Ehrenreich opens his article with a 1944 quote from the then President of the American Council for Judaism describing the goal of a Jewish state as a “Hitlerian … Read More

Vilified: A New Film from AJC

By March 11, 2009

Here’s a plug and a link for Vilified: Telling Lies About Israel, a new film I’ve written and produced for AJC.  

Darfur: A Blow to Al-Bashir

By March 4, 2009

In recent weeks, the courageous Nicholas Kristof, accompanied by George Clooney, has been revisiting the hell on earth that has enveloped Darfur and eastern Chad. In one of his searing columns, he wrote about a 27 year-old woman named Suad … Read More

Chas Freeman: The New Hero of the Resistance

By February 27, 2009

Yet more evidence of the overlap, when it comes to Israel, between the unreconstructed left and America-first realists comes in the shape of this piece by Robert Dreyfuss in The Nation. Dreyfuss is overjoyed by the appointment of Chas Freeman … Read More

Cosatu, Antisemitism and My Inbox

By February 26, 2009

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been a silent party to one of the most disturbing email exchanges I’ve ever encountered. Bongani Masuku, an official of Cosatu, South Africa’s trade union confederation, has been embroiled in a deeply unpleasant … Read More