Jesse David Fox

Jesse David Fox grew up in Long Island where he watched reruns of the Simpsons instead of reading books. By his estimation, this makes him qualified to write about television, himself, and little else. He lives in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. It's VERY Greenpoint; he tries to fit in by working for a start-up, podcasting (, tweeting (@JesseDavidFox) and not shaving. Don't even get him started on sandwiches.

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The Most Jewish Episodes Of Julie Klausner’s How Was Your Week Podcast

We talk to Julie about the most Jewish episodes of her wonderful weekly podcast.

Why Thanksgiving Is The Jewish Christmas

Sure, there were no pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving, but it’s still the most Jewish holiday for this part of the year. (Sorry Hanukkah.)

Jews Watching TV: The Office – Farce v. Realism

The Office gets the piechart treatment.

Jews Watching TV: Is Community Just for Writers And Nerds?

I love Community with all of my heart, but I love it like a father loves his child who dropped out of college and won’t get a job.

Jews Watching TV: The New Girl’s Getting Divorced

I almost cried watching The New Girl last night. No, it wasn’t from seeing the show’s Jewish character sweatily crumble to the ground from an asthma induced cramp…

Jews Watching TV: Is Suburgatory The New Lost?

Suburgatory premiered this fall with a real clunker of a name and a fine enough premise about a single dad and his daughter moving from their big city life to the suburbs.

Jews Watching TV: Happy Not Ending

Due to a string of end of the week high holidays, I haven’t written about television. I got to consume my sitcoms like most of my age group does at this point, without a consideration of schedule

Jews Watching TV: Pilots, More Like Mild-Lots

How great is it that TV is back, you guys? Like super great, right? Right! I cried TWICE last night apropos of nothing—I just missed these silly guys.