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James Kirchick is an assistant editor of The New Republic and is a columnist for the Washington Blade and Washington Examiner.

How Thomas Friedman Makes Us Stupid

By October 4, 2007

Last Sunday, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman made a bold declaration, further solidifying his reputation as the edgiest and most provocative writer on global affairs today, the same man who brought us The World is Flat. His latest pearl … Read More

National Review Lacks Any Shred of Human Feeling

By October 3, 2007

I always suspected that the folks over at National Review were heartless and lacked a shred of human feeling, and now I have former Bush administration speechwriter Joshua Trevino to confirm it for me. Writing about conservative Republican San Diego … Read More

Blood on the Sinai

By October 2, 2007

In a scene reminiscent of a Cold War-era, East-Berlin border crossing attempt, the crack Egyptian army last week murdered an Eritrean man trying to cross the border into Israel. The Egyptian government detained 4 others. Egypt is not entirely to … Read More

Helen of Cape Town

By October 2, 2007

In addition to supporting dictators and illiberal elements around the world (from Iran to Venezuela to neighboring Zimbabwe, and calling for the recognition of Hamas), South Africa's ruling party–the African National Congress–does not much like democracy at home. While it … Read More