About Jacob Harris

I'm the Chief Operating Officer at JDub and Publisher of Jewcy.

What You Said…

By October 16, 2009

Yesterday on Twitter I asked what you thought of the Jewcy/JDub combination, and we also had a bunch of comments on the announcement, so I just thought I’d share some of the results in one place: "Congrats on the great … Read More

May You Be Inscribed In the Book of Life

By October 1, 2009

When I was little, Yom Kippur scared the hell out of me. Who shall live? Who shall die? The book of life, communal guilt for wrongdoings, etc. etc. – HEAVY SHIT. During my maybe-I’ll-be-a-poet phase in high school, I noticed … Read More

My Trip to the White House

By May 21, 2009

  I rarely have religious experiences. But yesterday I attended a truly remarkable strategy meeting including a briefing and discussion at the White House. The program was co-facilitated by Jumpstart and JStreet (check em out) and attended by a couple … Read More