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Jessica Miller is a former Jewcy Editorial Intern. She recently graduated from Barnard College with a B.A. in religion and a minor in English.  She is currently trying to make it as a real person in New York City.

Jewcy Zeitgeist: MacDonald’s Removes Transfat, Gayness From its Menu

By October 17, 2008

• A prominent Christian activism group feels its safe to go back to McDonald’s after a recent gay scare. • 20 Israeli contracters are being held hostage by a group of Chinese construction workers on the British-owned Caribbean island of … Read More

VIDEO: Sacha Baron Cohen Wreaks Havoc at Milan Fashion Week

By September 26, 2008

Sacha Baron Cohen and his Austrian fashionista alter ego, Bruno, are taking a hiatus from filming American heterosexual males squirm in the presence of homosexual affection to make Italian homosexual males squirm in the presence of seemingly horrendous heterosexual fashion … Read More

Must Have: Obamica Yarmulkes from Vanity Kippah

By August 15, 2008

Shmuly Tennenhaus’ life moto goes something like this: “If God gives you lemons, make Kippahs out of them.” The outcome? Introducing Vanity Kippahs, a new line of politically-inspired Kippot that encourages Jews and non-Jews alike, from both sides of the … Read More

Must Have: Onili’s Phat Trax

By August 8, 2008

Rising music sensation and Israeli-born artist Onili has come a long way since her days as a teenager recording songs on a four-track. With her combined singing, writing, DJ-ing, producing, promoting, and performing talents, Onili is now a classifiable “artist … Read More

Jewcy Reader Challenge: Kevin Powell’s Bacon Jokes Edition

By August 5, 2008

This week’s “D’oh!” moment comes courtesy of former Real World star and straight- outta-Brooklyn’s-10th-Congressional-District US House of Representatives hopeful, Kevin Powell. The New York Post reports that while at a meet and greet dinner in Williamsburg, Powell promised a room … Read More

Must Have: Bath and Body Products from Yes to Carrots

By August 1, 2008

Imagine a big bowl of your favorite produce: carrots, melon, sweet potato, pumpkin, oranges (all home grown in Israel.) Mmmm, delicious. Now that your mouth is watering, let’s add one more key ingredient: a nice vat of Dead Sea Mud. … Read More

Obama’s Kotel Note Exposed by Israeli Boy, the Media

By July 28, 2008

Of all the stories that have surfaced about Barack Obama in light of his election campaign, I bet he wasn’t expecting this particular bit of information to appear in the morning paper. Barack Obama just got back from a tour … Read More

Must Have: He’Brew, The Chosen Beer

By July 25, 2008

“What do you think of the beer?” I asked my friend after he had taken his first few sips. “Shofar, so good,” he replied. This delightful pun was made possible courtesy of Shmaltz Brewing Company and He’Brew, its line of … Read More