Kylie Jane Wakefield

I'm a comedian and writer living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with my boyfriend Danny Lobell and our two dogs, Miko and Juno. I do stand-up, improv, write my own blog called Living with Lobell, and freelance for the Greenpoint Gazette. I'm originally from Baltimore, Maryland and love staying up late, eating Challah bread and avoiding Manhattan.

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The Big Jewcy: Rachel Kramer Bussel – Cupcakes And Sex

Rachel Kramer Bussel, a New York City-based writer, has been involved with erotica and the sex literature industries for over 10 years.

The Big Jewcy: Dan Naturman – Stand-Up Comedian

Dan Naturman is, by most standards, a successful standup comedian. Now he’s trying to conquer France.

Becoming Jewish: The Conversion Conundrum

Modern Orthodox or Conservative? Which is right for me?

Becoming Jewish: Post-Passover Thoughts

This wasn’t my first Passover, but now that I’m converting, it’s a different ballgame.

Becoming Jewish: It Ain’t Easy Almost Being Hebrew

Converting is certainly not an easy path, but becoming the person you imagine yourself to be one day never is. But it’s the only way I know how to really live.

Becoming Jewish: Meeting Queen Esther And The Gang

Spend a weekend cursing out Haman in Long Island, and you will probably enjoy your conversion process a bit more.

Becoming Jewish: “Shiksa Frustration: Escape to Judaism… in 3D!”

I’m sick of being called a shiksa. One time, after a guy broke up with me, he told me his sister said that, “Shiksas are just for practice.” Knowing how frustrated I was, one of my friends triple dog dared me to convert to Judaism. And that’s where this column comes in.