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Luxury department store buyer, fashion writer, and lover of all things gay, Jewish, and/or Israeli (unless those things include Fire Island, whitefish salad, or dealing with Bank Hapoalim)

Would You Rather Be Gay in Uganda or Israel?

By January 14, 2010

Until about a week ago, the last time anyone thought about Uganda was either (1) never or (2) to convey a generic far away place that you would never want to visit. It’s sort of like saying Timbuktu but sounds … Read More

Soap Operas Take It Up the Ass

By January 5, 2010

You know ratings are bad when it takes gay sex on daytime soaps to grab the attention of muumuu-clad, couch-ridden housewives in Iowa. But in a bid to shake things up and recapture its ever-waning audience, the four-decade old One … Read More

What’s a Gay Jewish (Party) Boy to Do On Christmas Eve?

By December 29, 2009

Yids of the faygele variety know there are better ways to pay tribute to history’s most famous Jewish carpenter than with an order of deep fried cat from Peking Palace. It ruins all those hours spent at the gym competing … Read More