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Jewcy Answers Letters

By January 22, 2007

I received this letter in response to the article I wrote about the Jewish singles' mixer I recently attended, hosted by Mekudeshet: "The crowd was, well, Jewy. When I walked in with my girlfriend, one tall, fair-haired gentleman informed us … Read More

Chaser Amy: Bethany E., The Iron Lady of Wine

Chaser Amy: Bethany E., The Iron Lady of Wine
By January 19, 2007

Meet: Bethany E. About Bethany E.: "I am always ready to wrestle. My nose whistles when I breathe. I am in touch with my inner jap and sometimes respond to the name 'Golda.' I have freakishly strong hands. I believe … Read More

Jewcy Returns Calls, Letters

By January 17, 2007

In response to: Hi- You folks do a great job, especially with the Shvitz. I stumbled upon your site accidentally and now check it every day to get a) a laugh, or b) my dander up. I've tried to a) … Read More

Dating Blogger Amy: “The Rise and Fall of Evil A”

By January 16, 2007

I ended my longest and most turbulent relationship in May. By breaking up with my ex, I regained control of my life and improved it exponentially. After 2.5 years of verbal and mental manipulation and abuse, which turned physical, I … Read More

Starting to Feel Like Losers…

By January 12, 2007

You know those little buttons us tech-savvy folk like to call "tabs" at the top of our homepage? Perhaps you've noticed the words "Home", "Daily Shvitz", "Community", Events", "Interact", "Video", and "Shop" next to each other in a black bar. … Read More

ChaserAmy: Dan Freeman

ChaserAmy: Dan Freeman
By January 11, 2007

[ChaserAmy is a new Daily Shvitz feature wherein the lovely but wicked Amy Odell circles the digital cellulite and profile problem areas of a random Jewcy user. Schedules may vary. Check your local listings.] Nothing turns us on more than … Read More

Dating Blogger Amy: “Shalom, Be Alone”

Dating Blogger Amy: “Shalom, Be Alone”
By January 9, 2007

I don’t understand why so many Jews refuse to marry non-Jews. This seems incredibly close-minded to me. Think about the tiny percentage of the population you’re limiting yourself to by insisting on marrying a Jew. I know of many young … Read More

Dating Blogger Amy: “Dating Internationally”

Dating Blogger Amy: “Dating Internationally”
By January 2, 2007

A charming girlfriend of mine once said, “I don’t do domestic—I only fly internationally.”  But she wasn’t talking about traveling.  She was talking about dating. Somehow, 95 percent of the men she dates have visas and accents.  Sounds fun, right?  … Read More