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Andrew Goldstein writes about Judaism, science and books he wants everyone to read. He is not a doctor.

Could I Stay Orthodox in a Secular College?

By June 27, 2018

Despite warnings from friends and rabbis alike, I went to a school with little Orthodox presence. Read More

Jewcy Review: ‘The Cakemaker’

By June 26, 2018

A sweet-natured and mouth-watering story about two people mourning the same lost lover. Read More

Jewish LGBT Trailblazers

By June 20, 2018

For Pride Month, highlighting “firsts” for queer Jews. Read More

Jewcy Review: ‘The Catcher Was a Spy’

By June 19, 2018

The true story of a Jewish baseball player sent by the United States to take out a Nazi during World War II. Read More

Who to Root for in the World Cup, from Least to Most Anti-Semitic

By June 13, 2018

An empirical approach to picking a favorite team. Read More

Why Haven’t You Watched ‘An Emmy for Megan’ Yet?

By May 23, 2018

Comedian Megan Amram is angling for an award with a new web series Read More

Jewcy Interviews: ‘Disobedience’

By May 1, 2018

A talk with the director of the new film about a lesbian romance in the Orthodox community. Read More

A Memorable Time Studying Judaism, and More, in Scandinavia

A Memorable Time Studying Judaism, and More, in Scandinavia
By March 23, 2015

What drew Agnes Kelemen, a young woman involved in Jewish life and heritage in Hungary, to switch climate zones and spend a year in Sweden? Read More