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Andrew Goldstein writes about Judaism, science and books he wants everyone to read. He is not a doctor.

Could I Stay Orthodox in a Secular College?

By June 27, 2018

Despite warnings from friends and rabbis alike, I went to a school with little Orthodox presence. Read More

A Memorable Time Studying Judaism, and More, in Scandinavia

By March 23, 2015

What drew Agnes Kelemen, a young woman involved in Jewish life and heritage in Hungary, to switch climate zones and spend a year in Sweden? Read More

Unified, not Uniform – Jewish Life on British Campuses

By March 20, 2015

Is it scary to be a young Jew at a UK university? Is it all BDS, and no BYOB? Helena Baker of the Union of Jewish Students, a member union of the European Union of Jewish Students, writes to rectify the image. Read More

International Jewish Love, Part 1

By March 18, 2015

So what’s up with young Jews in Europe and long-distance romance? Read More

What we talk about – Part 1

By March 9, 2015

“Voices from Europe” guest editor Jane Braden-Golay introduces French Jews who mix Klezmer and Salsa, an American Jew living in the UK who feels that “being hated is part of being Jewish” and a smorgasbord of community news. Read More

A Threat With No Escape

By March 6, 2015

Anti-Semitism is present everywhere, so is fleeing really the right approach? Read More