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Bostonian by birth, Israeli by choice, soon to be graduate of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, writer, blogger, aspiring novelist, student of Jewish and Israeli history and Assistant Editor of Azure.

Bin Laden Endorses Chomsky

By September 8, 2007

At least Osama bin-Laden, despite being a psychotic mass murderer, knows who his friends are. While the exact date of the taping cannot be determined by bin Laden's words, he suggests it was made in August by saying, "… just … Read More

Objective Antisemitism

By September 4, 2007

Someone in Europe appears to have finally understood the most pernicious aspect of 21st century antisemitism — the congenital inability of most of its practitioners to understand the fact of their antisemitism.  From Haaretz: Robin Shepherd is not the first … Read More

Why They Really Hate Leo Strauss

By August 31, 2007

Regarding Leo Strauss, there is something particularly bizarre in the fact that the discussion always turns to politics. Not Politics in the Aristotelean sense, but everyday politics; the transient concerns and resentments of the current moment. Strauss, who thought in … Read More


By August 27, 2007

The New Republic has an interesting profile of an evangelical priest who converted to Orthodox Christianity because of his disatisfaction with the frivolousness of evangelical ritual.  I couldn't help but notice a certain synchronicity at work.

Howard Zinn: Traitor, Liar, Fascist Wanker

By August 15, 2007

Everytime you think that an American national holiday might have passed in peace, you find out that America's most famous faux-historian Howard Zinn showed up just in time to — paraphrasing Hunter Thompson — piss down everybody's throats. On this … Read More

Reform Judaism Charges the Eternal Barricades, Again

By August 15, 2007

The Reform movement has once again made an attempt at the impossible: to find some way of normalizing homosexual relationships within the context of Judaism. The Reform Movement recently published an expanded manual for the inclusion of homosexuals and transgender … Read More

More Trouble from the Feiglinists

By August 14, 2007

Israel's most industrious theocrat, Moshe Feiglin, continues his quest for influence and power in the Likud Party and, according to Haaretz, he's succeeding. Why not place a ballot box at Ben-Gurion Airport by the duty-free shops? Or by the entrance … Read More

The 9/11 Generation?

By August 11, 2007

Bill Kristol (anti-neocon psychopathic raving may begin now) has written an interesting article in Time in which he claims that a new "9/11 generation" is taking shape, particularly among the soldiers currently fighting in Iraq. He claims that this will … Read More