About Carla Sosenko

Carla Sosenko is a full-time copy editor and freelance writer whose work has appeared in Self, New York Moves, Punchline, The Boston Metro and Urge Magazine. Her first play, "Headcase," was produced in the 2001 New York International Fringe Festival, and her short story "Clutter" was a semifinalist in the Nimrod/Handman awards. She is currently working on a memoir.

Pussies on Parade, Perfect for Father’s Day?

By June 12, 2008

Been feeling like there’s something missing from your life? And might that something be a calendar featuring doughy Jewish men? On motorcycles? Holding cats? And did I mention that they’re naked? (The men, not the cats. Well…the men and the … Read More

“It’s Complicated” With Political Facebook Status Updates

By June 5, 2008

Status update: Carla Sosenko is fascinated by the unwitting political discourse of Facebook status updates. We’ve had a presumptive Democratic presidential candidate for less than 48 hours, and Anne L. Fritz is not happy. I haven’t seen Anne in months, … Read More

Brad Pitt + Coen Brothers = Awesome

By June 4, 2008

Burn After Reading is the latest effort from Joel and Ethan Coen, arguably two of the most prolific, original and unexcitable (even in the face of an Academy Award win) filmmakers of our time. The movie’s big draws are Coen … Read More

Clip: Are Galifianakis and Showalter the Most Indie Comedians Ever?

By May 29, 2008

This so-farfetched-it-could-be-real clip features Zack Galifianakis as himself — well, as someone named Zack Galifianakis who also writes for Utne (and Philippino Digest!) interviewing Michael Showalter, a.k.a. Widge Wemnin, the “most indie rocker of our time.” He’s so indie, in … Read More

Clip: Bill Maher Takes a Skeptic’s Look at World Religions

By May 6, 2008

Our next president shouldn’t be a person of faith but a person of doubt. So says Bill Maher, one of the country's most outspoken doubters. His new film, Religulous, directed by Borat’s Larry Charles, follows the irreverent humorist as he … Read More

Clip: Ari Libsker Discusses Stalags, His Documentary on Holocaust Porn

By April 15, 2008

Joshua Suzanne, proprietor of the East Village’s Rags-a-Go-Go, likes to talk to people who wander into her shop. And she likes to videotape herself talking to them, and to post said videos on YouTube. Luckily, she had her camcorder poised … Read More

Sacha Baron Cohen Gays Up Wichita

By April 14, 2008

If you're unfortunate enough to join the growing ranks of stranded air travelers, cross your fingers for the mother of all diversions: Sacha Baron Cohen was recently spotted in the Wichita airport filming his latest faux doc, Brüno: Delicious Journeys … Read More

Clip of the Week: Jewish Mothers Behaving Badly

By April 8, 2008

If Ab Fab's Patsy and Edina had been born as kvetchy Jewesses with Boston accents, they might have been Ronna and Beverly. The comedy duo (a.k.a. Jessica Chaffin and Jamie Denbo) are taking their Jewish-mothers-behaving-badly act on the road, stopping … Read More