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Dating Blogger Charles: “Go Forth and Inter-marry”

By January 29, 2007

It seems to me that as a people who have been persecuted for 5,000 years, we Jews would have a more enlightened and less secular attitude toward those we choose as life partners. Amy Odell’s recent article, “Shalom, Be Alone,” … Read More

Dating Blogger Charles: “Bumpy Relationship”

By January 22, 2007

We’re used to insensitivity from strangers and people whose opinions don’t matter to us. But far more curious – not to mention painful – is being on the business end of rude behavior from someone we love. I was talking … Read More

Dating Blogger Charles: “Shallowism In Deep”

By January 15, 2007

Have you ever noticed that often when deciding whom to date we start out at the most shallow level? I hear myself and others saying things like, “He's not that good looking,” or, “Wow, he is amazing to look at,” … Read More

Dating Blogger Charles: “I’m Not a Racist, But…”

By January 8, 2007

Have you ever noticed that every racist joke begins with, “I am not racist… but have you heard about the one where the three black men…?” Of course, then I have to say something about how I find this particular … Read More

Dating Blogger Charles: “Pattern Recognition”

By December 18, 2006

Patterns in my life emerge rapidly and men fit into the most recent one, only a few weeks old. Two most recent patterns are by told I’d make a fabulous-looking woman, and being propositioned by men in relationships. Drag queens/transgender … Read More

The End of Gay Pride II

By December 11, 2006

My previous column, "The End of Gay Pride," apparently made a stir in the hearts of some of my readers. In the course of a week I have been e-mailed messages calling me the “anti-gay messiah,” I have been accused … Read More

Dating Blogger Charles: The Fall

By December 5, 2006

I met a boy. I was on a date when I met him and apparently he had been watching me all night because as I was leaving the outdoor smoking area and heading home he cornered me, my date, and … Read More

Dating Blogger Charles: The End of Gay Pride

By November 27, 2006

I’m pretty sure something has gone terribly wrong within my dating world. It seems that after moving out of a life stage filled with sexual promiscuity and whore-like behavior, I am now unable to attract anyone for any other reason … Read More