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Daniel Koffler is a Clarendon Scholar and graduate student in philosophy at the University of Oxford.

More On Decoding Neocons For Obama

By June 6, 2008

John Schwenkler replies to my post yesterday and he's got a good point: Bill Kristol's weaseliness doesn't bear on the truth of his claim that John McCain and Barack Obama have no significant foreign policy disputes except for Iraq — … Read More

Demonizing Michelle Obama

By June 6, 2008

How can you tell that the objections of some of Hillary Clinton's most ardent supporters to  sexism and misogyny in campaign coverage didn't quite cover all women? From their near total silence on the viciously misogynistic and sexist (as well … Read More

Jewcy Gets Results: Israel-Diaspora Relations Edition

By June 5, 2008

Less than a month ago, Eli Valley's instant classic "Israel Man and Diaspora Boy" made nonsense of "Negation of the Diaspora" philosophy. Somebody in the Israeli government must be reading, because lo and behold: A new government strategy to redefine … Read More

Neocons For Obama?

By June 5, 2008

As I've noted before, taking Bill Kristol at face value, rather than with a view to the agenda he's trying to advance, is perilous. So Kristol's remarks at AIPAC arguing that "[t]here are actually no [significant foreign policy] disputes…with the … Read More

The Last Clinton Power Play

By June 5, 2008

On Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton gathered her supporters in a literal concrete bunker several stories beneath the surface of the earth, with walls thick enough to block out all cellular reception and no TV monitors or any other medium of … Read More

The General Election Kicks Off: Godzilla Vs. Bambi

By June 5, 2008

How bad was John McCain's speech in New Orleans Tuesday night? Here are some reviews: (1) [T]his speech is a mash and tough to digest. You have to get through the self-congratulatory praise of independence and commander-in-chief pose…. (2) McCain’s … Read More

The General Election Fight At AIPAC

By June 4, 2008

On Monday, John McCain addressed the AIPAC conference (video is here). McCain attacked early, often, and hyper-aggressively, attempting to portray Obama as a dangerously inexperienced, pacifistic simpleton ready to sign over control of the Middle East to Iran. One of … Read More

NYT Public Editor: Publishing Luttwak Op-Ed A Mistake

By June 3, 2008

Being vindicated always feels good, so I was pleased to read the Times' public editor Clark Hoyt acknowledge that Edward Luttwak's op-ed of a few weeks ago — the one in which he laundered Daniel Pipes' deranged ravings about Barack … Read More