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Daniel Koffler is a Clarendon Scholar and graduate student in philosophy at the University of Oxford.

So Long, Jewcy

By June 30, 2008

Jewcy has been my digital shtetl (as Michael Weiss would say), since last fall. During the first third of that period, I was a blogger for the late, lamented Cabal; in the latter two thirds, I've had the privilege of … Read More

Jeffrey Goldberg On Ahmadinejad On Wiping Out Israel

By June 19, 2008

Jeffrey Goldberg steps into the debate over the nature of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's incendiary remarks about Israel, to call out Harvard Professor Stephen Walt of 'Walt-Mearsheimer' (in)fame(y) for downplaying the idea that Ahmadinejad is "inciting to genocide" (Walt's terms) … Read More

Homage To (Neo-Nazi Bookstores In) Catalonia

By June 19, 2008

Jewcer Roi Ben-Yehuda wrote up his recent trip to Barcelona for Haaretz. If you want to see antisemitism done right — or if you want to restore your confidence in the importance of Zionism — go to Europe and then … Read More

Viral Video Of The Week: Gay Marriage Ruins Marriage

By June 19, 2008

Skeptics of the claim that gay marriage will destroy marriage, the family, and civilization frequently ask just how the hell two gay people getting married can affect anyone but the couple and their friends and family. Well, latte-sippers, here's documentary … Read More

Does Fine-Tuning Prove God Exists?

By June 19, 2008

There is a version of the Argument from Design, one of the traditional metaphysical arguments for the existence of God, that has caught some popularity recently. It figures prominently in the work of theistic public intellectuals like Dinesh D'Souza, and … Read More

The Campaign’s Secret Weapon: Writers For VP

By June 19, 2008

Edward Schwarzschild, the investigative journalist who brought to light a tranche of correspondence between Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his American penpals (some of it allegedly posted to the Ahmadine-blog), has uncovered a secret strategy memo in the John McCain campaign. Apparently, … Read More

The Michael Goldfarb Variations

By June 17, 2008

Torture fetishist Michael Goldfarb recently transferred duties from shilling for John McCain on the Weekly Standard website to shilling for John McCain on the John McCain website. Part of Goldfarb's new job is trying to win over Hillary Clinton supporters … Read More

Michael Medved Owns The Holocaust

By June 13, 2008

Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit (who happens to be gay) and Culture Minister of the Federal Republic Bernd Neumann recently unveiled a memorial to the gay people murdered by the Third Reich near the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe … Read More