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Commentary Still Crazy, But Chabon Hits Back

By February 5, 2008

As Izzy noted yesterday and Michael followed up on today, Michael Chabon wrote a ringing endorsement of Obama in the Washington Post. Concerned that Commentary might lose its credentials as the most borderline-delusional magazine in the Jewish world today, Jeopardy … Read More

Get Your Obama Menace Dress-up Doll!

By February 4, 2008

A few weeks ago Jewcy broke the story that a viral e-mail, directed at Jewish voters, accused "bigot" Sen. Barack Obama of "hating" Jews and sympathizing with the Nation of Islam. Many prominent Jewish leaders condemned this slander, but some … Read More

God Save The Queen From Eli Valley

By January 29, 2008

Jewcy’s comic artist turns his gimlet eye away from the Jewish people and towards their detractors. As Britian’s former European minister noted in The Washington Post this fall, antisemitism is on the rise in the UK. Jews are four times … Read More

NYT: Coretta Scott King is Alive

By January 20, 2008

I did a double take when I read this caption in The Times.   Wait, didn't Coretta Scott King die a couple years ago? How could Obama be standing with her? I know he's a magic man who can move … Read More

Most Recent Sign Of The Apocalypse

By January 3, 2008

In its ongoing efforts to raise the level of political discourse and help foster an informed electorate, CNN has given us … Presidential Pong.

One Hundred Years Ago Today

By December 21, 2007

The New York Times, December 21, 1907.

New Open Thread

By December 12, 2007

Neoconservative males arrived at their political philosophies in an effort to compensate for their obscenely small penises. True or False?

KKK BBall Rap Video Of The Day

By December 10, 2007

Can't wait till this hits TRL. Warning: Not suitable for work, etc.; turn down the volume at the beginning, okay? (Hat tip: Nah Right.)