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The UN Rally Against Ahmadinejad: Photos

By September 26, 2007

Monday's rally against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the UN attracted the full spectrum of New York Jewry, from Conservadox to Hasidic and everything in between. I went during lunch hour and took some photos.

Plant Ten Trees For A Lapdance

By September 12, 2007

From the JTA: One of the Jewish community's most storied charities is turning to the Playboy brand name to help raise funds. The Jewish National Fund sent out a mass e-mail this month announcing that it would be auctioning off … Read More

Shana Tova

By September 12, 2007


“I Was Colonel Schultz’s Private Bitch”

By September 6, 2007

There's a fascinating article in The New York Times about postwar pornographic pulp in 1960s Israel called Stalags. The focus of these S&M stories, which captivated a generation of Israeli males: Nazis and prisoners of war. The books told perverse … Read More

On The Self-Hatred Of Maps

By September 5, 2007

11:52 am: NYT's "City Room" blog mentions a new "Jewish Landmarks Map" of New York City. 12:34 pm: Some guy named "Yehuda" attacks the map, wringing his hands in his opener — "Is this what’s important to Jews?!" — and … Read More

Foxman’s Dilemma

By August 24, 2007

What if a survivor of the Armenian Genocide donated 500 million dollars to the Anti-Defamation League? What would Abraham Foxman do? Check out Abe's antics in Eli Valley's latest Jewcy comic! CLICK TO ENLARGE  

Jews Call for Blood of Harry Potter

By July 17, 2007

JERUSALEM: The figure responsible for Israel's latest religious row is a bespectacled British teenager who is gifted with magical powers, world famous and entirely fictional. The synchronized worldwide launch of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," the seventh and last … Read More

BREAKING: Poles Have a Complicated History with Jews!

By July 12, 2007

The New York Times, proud of its centuries-long tradition of reporting on "trends" years after their expiration dates, was contemplating what to cover in July 2007. The up-and-coming Lower East Side? Nah, better wait five years. The East Coast-West Coast … Read More