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Elisa Albert is the author of The Book of Dahlia and the short-story collection How This Night is Different.

Nobel Committee Disses Roth Yet Again

By October 11, 2007

It was announced earlier today that the very deserving Doris Lessing has won the 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature. Much mazel to Ms. Lessing, but seriously, folks: what the hell does Philip Roth have to do??

Jews Are Ugly Slobs

By October 4, 2007

Here's Gwyneth Paltrow discussing her physical "transformation" in "The Good Night": …as Dora, the protagonist’s waking-life girlfriend, Gwyneth is barely recognizable: pale, with a cape of dense brown hair, bundled in shapeless cardigans. “It was me physicalizing my New York … Read More

I Heart Danya Ruttenberg

By September 6, 2007

I think Danya Ruttenberg kicks ass for many reasons, but chiefly, today, I think Danya kicks ass because of her response to Matthue Roth's letter to the editor in the latest issue of glorious Bitch Magazine. See, in last month's … Read More

Grace Paley, 1922-2007

Grace Paley, 1922-2007
By August 23, 2007

We lost a great woman yesterday, Jewcers. One of the most profoundly gifted literary voices of the last century, not to mention a truly wonderful human being. Anyone who was ever in the same room with Ms. Paley can surely … Read More


By May 28, 2007

A fascinating, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it tidbit in Sunday Times’ Milgrom-Elcott/Dorfman wedding announcement, in which the groom, Aaron Dorfman, (an “edgy” gentleman who’s “…pierced in three places that I can see,” according to the bride’s father) discusses his choice to wear a kippah: … Read More

We’ll (Sorta) Miss You, Mamele

We’ll (Sorta) Miss You, Mamele
By May 21, 2007

In this week’s Forward, Alana Newhouse gleefully (and righteously) dispenses with that most stale of cultural stereotypes: The Jewish Mother. Check out her great essay/obit. Always a good thing when an odious, obsolete, outworn, offensive cliche bites the dust. (Ooooh, … Read More

Legally Blonde and Spiritually Buber

Legally Blonde and Spiritually Buber
By May 17, 2007

The recent screen-to-stage Broadway debut of Legally Blonde: The Musical might pass, to the untrained eye, for just another piece of Times Square popcorn poop. Count a New York Times critic among the naifs; according to Ben Brantley, the musical … Read More

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Ha.
By May 15, 2007

From Yahoo Canada News: Montreal fined $20Gs for bar mitzvah 'from hell' Fri May 11, 8:19 PM CALGARY (CBC) – The City of Montreal has been ordered to pay $20,000 in damages after a judge ruled a drunk janitor had … Read More