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Elisa Albert is the author of The Book of Dahlia and the short-story collection How This Night is Different.

Sarah Silverman Wants You to Schlep Your Fat Jewish Ass to Florida

By September 26, 2008

You know when you get the same link from like six different trusted friends in the span of a single day?  And you’re like, fine, okay, I’ll click, wtf? Yeah, so, enjoy:      (Jimmy Kimmel, you’re a douche-nozzle for … Read More

Summer Reading: The German Bride

By July 16, 2008

The German Bride, Joanna Hershon’s third novel, is that rare thing: a historical novel that unfolds organically without a whole lot of “Look at me! I’m a historical novel!” Her first two novels, Swimming and The Outside of August, both … Read More

Daily Show Writer To Apocalypse: Ha

By June 12, 2008

There are bottled-water-packed bunkers full of theories about the end of the world. Google "End of the world 2012" for a laugh, a scare, or general justification of your internet misanthropy. The questionable facts are legion; take your pick: the … Read More

Hair Removal is for Pussies

By June 9, 2008

It's kind of odd how this New York Times article on teens battling unwanted facial hair pretty much sidesteps the whole question of ethnic identity (even as it spotlights an Indian girl). We Jews are a swarthy people. It's not … Read More

Mix and Match Mantras For An Extra Spiritual Kick

By May 13, 2008

"I Will Survive" + "I Am Nothing" = the truth is somewhere in between. From the addictive website for The Mantra Trailer: Parked at the intersection of imagination, evangelism and propaganda, The Mantra Trailer is a traveling mediation space, recording … Read More

Dispatch From Spain: Meat is Gross

By March 3, 2008

Hola from Teruel, Spain (please don't call it "te-roo-ell" like an Ugly American, okay? Roll that "r"!), where I'm living, off and on, this spring. My beloved got a Fulbright, and I'm along for the ride, my understanding being that … Read More

Ben Katchor Creates A New Kind of Musical Theater

By February 26, 2008

Having long been a fan of his graphic work (or "picture stories", as he calls them) in The Jew of New York and Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer, and having seen his previous foray into musical theatrical collaboration (The Rosenbach … Read More

Natasha Lyonne Suitably Convincing As Bourgeois Jewish Girl

By January 31, 2008

Improv-happy filmmaker Mike Leigh's new play, "Two Thousand Years," is currently in previews at The New Group @ Theatre Row in New York. Originally staged on London West End, it's Leigh's first new play in twelve years, and was shaped … Read More