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I am the assistant editor at Jewcy, a freelance writer and a unicorn fanatic. I love rock n' roll and literature, bohemianism and the culinary arts--primarily the art of the perfect pizza.

Jewcy Zeitgeist: Roland Burris Turned Away From Senate, Toyota To Halt Production, Flaming Genitals Lead To Murder Charges

By January 6, 2009

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order: Blagojevich-appointed Senate seat successor Roland Burris was turned away from the Capitol when he came to claim his seat this morning. Burris, who was expecting to fill Barack Obama’s vacant Senate … Read More

Jewcy Zeitgeist: Obama Proposes Major Tax Cut, Leon Panetta To Head CIA and Jett Travolta Autopsy

By January 5, 2009

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order: Barack Obama has proposed a whopping $300 billion tax cut as part of the economic stimulus package, which will take effect mid-February. An autopsy on Jett Travolta, John Travolta’s 16-year-old son … Read More

Another Holocaust “Memoir” Bites the Dust

By January 2, 2009

As I’m never one for Hollywood happy endings, or Lifetime melodramas, it takes a lot to tug at my jaundiced heartstrings. But just over ten years ago when I first heard about the sensationalized Holocaust-aided love story of Herman and … Read More

Jewcy Zeitgeist: Alberto Gonzales To Write A Tell-All, Israel Rejects 48-Hour Ceasefire and Pistol-Whipped At Karaoke

By December 31, 2008

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order: After almost a week of brutal air attacks on the Gaza Strip, Israel has rejected a 48-hour ceasefire with Hamas, but will not rule out the hope for future diplomacy. According … Read More

Letter From Beersheva

By December 30, 2008

Below is an urgent email from journalist Neal Ungerleider, who is currently in Beersheva: So it looks like Beersheva is now within range of rockets from Gaza. Two rockets just hit near my apartment— we heard them land audibly and … Read More

Jewcy Zeitgeist: Bristol Palin Baby Photo Bidding War, Gaza Airstrikes Continue and Matchmaking Based On Blood Type

By December 30, 2008

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order: Fighting in the Gaza Strip is far from over: On the fourth day of attacks, Israel’s airstrikes are "the first of several stages," according to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. We’re a … Read More

Jewcy Zeitgeist: Gaza Strip Violence Continues, No Promise In Virginity Pledges and Holocaust Memoir Fabricated

By December 29, 2008

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order: The third day of violence in the Gaza Strip, after the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was called to a halt, has resulted in a death toll of 315, a large … Read More

Jewcy Zeitgeist: $19 Million Space Toilet Still Without Door, Bush’s Auto Bailout Plan, and “Deep Throat” Bites The Dust

By December 19, 2008

Here are the day’s top stories in no particular order: Happy holidays from the White House: President Bush approved a major bailout for the auto industry, which includes a $17.4 billion emergency loan to GM and Chrysler. The $19 million … Read More