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Letter From Beersheva

Below is an urgent email from journalist Neal Ungerleider, who is currently in Beersheva:

So it looks like Beersheva is now within range of rockets from Gaza. Two rockets just hit near my apartment— we heard them land audibly and saw the ambulances bringing injured to the hospital. I’m okay and everyone in the apartment complex is safe. Both rockets hit within densely populated areas in central Beersheva. One exploded directly opposite a kindergarten—I’m just happy this happened at night and not at day. It’s increasingly obvious there will be a ground invasion here—soldiers are being called up and many students at our university have gone on duty this week. Things are a bit quiet and my thoughts are with the soldiers and the civillians on the ground in Gaza. This situation is a mess and … hell … what can I say? But I’m safe and am getting the real Israel experience, apparently. For everyone whom I owe emails, I’ll be in touch soon. Have been overloaded with classes lately. Best, Neal Ungerleider



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