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Craig Leinoff is Jewcy's Director of Technology. He's currently working on his second million, but only because his first million didn't work out so well. He is a recent graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he was a humor columnist and Editor-in-Chief of Statler & Waldorf Magazine.

He used to live with a Chinese family who let him stay there for free, but later moved to Spanish Harlem. Now he lives in Park Slope, in a man's home, which is his castle.

It’s De-Jewy: The 4th Annual Broadway Purim Shpiel

By March 25, 2008

Last year, Jewcy received an invitation to the 3rd Annual Broadway Purim Shpiel. At the time, Jewcy couldn't afford any real reporters, and both our editors, Weiss and Izzy, were indisposed. Jewcy's editor-in-chief Raz called me into his office. "Leinoff!" … Read More


By March 18, 2008


Obama, Making a Funny Face

By January 14, 2008

Here's a picture of Barack Obama making a funny face. It's from the lead story at SomethingAwful.com. I am allowed to post things like this because I made a deal with the devil. This reminds me of the time Bill … Read More

Child Protective Service Kidnaps Baby

By January 4, 2008

I hate when people steal babies. So I thought I would post this tale of little baby Camden here. At the very least, I'm intrigued to see what happens. Here's the story: A close friend's brother, Aaron Sluder, is experiencing … Read More

‘Twas the First Night of Hanukkah

By December 4, 2007

'Twas the first night of Hanukkah And on each Jewcy table Not a Menorah was present Or so goes this Fable All the workers worked quietly Til one passer-by called us out "You call yourselves Jewish?" He said with a … Read More

Jewcy’s First Birthday

By November 16, 2007

A message from Craig Leinoff, Jewcy's Tech Guy… Dear Jewcy Readers, At approximately 6:30 p.m. on November 15, 2006, Jewcy magazine staffers gathered together to watch ceremoniously as the "Send" button was pushed, triggering a thousands-strong email notification announcing Jewcy … Read More

What Is Up With Jewcy??

What Is Up With Jewcy??
By September 25, 2007

You may be wondering why the site was down for so long last night. We may be wondering what kind a creepy person was up until four a.m. wondering things like that. And so we've reached an impasse. But you … Read More

The Book of Teen Pageantry, 6:13

By August 28, 2007

And God came to me and said, "Hast thou seen the glory that is Miss Teen USA?" And I said, "Nay, lord. Open my eyes!" "Open your eyes," said He, "Look upon all that is good and holy. Witness the … Read More