About JewcyCraig

Craig Leinoff is Jewcy's Director of Technology. He's currently working on his second million, but only because his first million didn't work out so well. He is a recent graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he was a humor columnist and Editor-in-Chief of Statler & Waldorf Magazine.

He used to live with a Chinese family who let him stay there for free, but later moved to Spanish Harlem. Now he lives in Park Slope, in a man's home, which is his castle.

Chagall in Postville

By February 2, 2010

Eli Valley has never been one to back down from a controversial viewpoint. In his new comic for Jewcy (complete with beautiful coloring/shading by our very own Craig Leinoff), Valley borrows from that other great Jewish artist, Chagall, to give … Read More

Once, Twice, Three Times a Jewcy

By November 16, 2009

Dear The Internets, It’s me, Craig. …If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be here now, writing this, a post to honor Jewcy on its 3rd birthday — well… I guess that would’ve made sense. But if you’d … Read More

Famous Hawaiian Shirts

By January 8, 2009

With the departure of legendary island clothier Alfred Shaheen, the fashion industry has lost one of its legends. Shaheen, widely regarded as the father of the Hawaiian shirt, passed away on December 22nd. Even as we cheerfully say aloha to … Read More

Jewcy Enters the Terrible Twos

By November 17, 2008

It seems like only a year ago that I was sitting here, in this same room, at this same desk (rotated 90 degrees from how it is now), photoshopping funny pictures of a cartoon turtle holding a balloon in celebration … Read More

Gay Black Jewish Klansmen: Picture of the Day, Aug. 14 2008

By August 14, 2008

Another quick one, as requested by David Choe. The picture of the day. Anything I say will be extraneous. Except: this makes me feel warm inside.

Izzy Grinspan Chooses to Besmirch Joyous Occasion

By August 14, 2008

Izzy Grinspan, previously in charge of Jewcy's editorial operations, has surfaced in another Yiddishly-inflected publication, recently. Jewcy spies (in the form of Jewcy's original art director, Dave Choe) sent word — and a scanned image — that Izzy and new … Read More

Jewcy Receives a Painful Lesson in April Foolery

By April 1, 2008

While Jewcy visitors may not have noticed anything out of the ordinary on the Jewcy site today, April Foolery was, indeed, afoot. After spending hours in debate yesterday about what would be an acceptable prank for Jewcy to pull on … Read More

Six Insane Online Games With Political Agendas

By March 27, 2008

"Religious hate has never been so much fun,” promises the tagline of the online video game Faith Fighter. A prominent release by Molleindustria—an Italian game development studio that specializes in bizarre, arthouse Flash web games—Faith Fighter is one of a … Read More