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Craig Leinoff is Jewcy's Director of Technology. He's currently working on his second million, but only because his first million didn't work out so well. He is a recent graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he was a humor columnist and Editor-in-Chief of Statler & Waldorf Magazine.

He used to live with a Chinese family who let him stay there for free, but later moved to Spanish Harlem. Now he lives in Park Slope, in a man's home, which is his castle.

Introducing Jewcy’s New Art Designer

Introducing Jewcy’s New Art Designer
By January 11, 2007

Jewcy is pleased to introduce Michael Morlitz, our new art designer. He comes to us from the city of brotherly love with a singular passion for graphic design. I first talked to Michael a week or two before the holidays. … Read More

Canada Did Not Send Troops to Vietnam

By January 9, 2007

For anyone that missed it this past summer…

The Blasphemy Challenge

By January 9, 2007

The Rational Response Squad is giving away 1001 DVDs of The God Who Wasn't There, the hit documentary that the Los Angeles Times calls "provocative — to put it mildly." There's only one catch: We want your soul. It's simple. … Read More

Christmas Display Goes Horribly Awry

By December 14, 2006

While walking to the bus stop every day, I see a good number of Christmas displays, some more impressive than others and some tackier than others. It wasn't until today that I noticed one simply more terrifying than others. Until … Read More

Angry Christian Racists Lay it Down Cold

By December 7, 2006

The Christian Party .. Father's .. Manifesto (or something), a wholesome, Christian, God-fearing organization, has been hard at work organizing the cold hard facts to finally show the world an unbiased, fair, statistics-oriented view of reality through the eyes of … Read More

Crazy Turks from Skype

By December 5, 2006

So two crazy people just Skype'd me a second ago, at the same time. This is unusual, because normally they don't come in pairs. This is the story of one of them: batuhan (bartex341). Anyone speak Crazynese?  batuhan 12/5/06 5:29 … Read More

Comcast May Hate the Jews

By December 5, 2006

Jewcy Jews at least. And I guess it's not so likely that they hate us, but more like they don't give a shit about us. What I'm driving at here is a handful of Jewcy users (Jewcers, if you will) … Read More

No Freestyling While The Car Is In Motion

No Freestyling While The Car Is In Motion
By December 1, 2006

Can someone explain to me why on 1 out of every 10 subway trips I take, there's some idiot with urban dreams who can't help but freestyle rap through the entirety of our trip? Don't get me wrong, I've got … Read More