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Jo Ellen Green Kaiser is the Editor-in-chief of Zeek magazine, available at www.jewcy.com/zeek and also at www.zeek.net .She is the co-editor of Righteous Indignation: A Jewish Call for Justice (www.righteousindignation.info) and the mom of Zoe.

Seven Days for Shavuot

By May 28, 2009

The giving of Torah happened at one specific time, but the receiving of Torah happens all the time, in every generation.  — Isaac Meir Alter, the Gerer Rebbe, 1799-1866 In the Torah our ancestors were instructed to make three annual … Read More

Poem: Sailor at Nostrand and Bedford

By May 22, 2009

Sailor at Nostrand and Bedford I. If you think that what I want is to touch that sailor, to pull his liquid body from those polyester pants, you’d be wrong.  Look at him, all amble and shucks, his bright white … Read More

Why Visit Dachau?

By May 15, 2009

Prien am Chiemsee, Germany-My gray-haired Hausfrau is perplexed. "Warum denn dorthin? Why in heaven’s name would the young American want to go there of all places?!" We are standing in the doorway of her spotless rooming house in this picturesque … Read More

Solitary Pleasures

By April 28, 2009

The woman in the black &white photograph was leaning forward, smiling, as if offering to the camera, or the photographer, the whole of who she was, the whole of who she thought she was, or wanted you to think she … Read More

A New Passing Over

By April 14, 2009

Jews honour the moon every month, with a blessing (Birkat Ha levana) that can be recited anytime between the crescent moon and the full moon. The same honour is given to the Sun every 28 years (Birkat Ha Hama). This … Read More

Netanyahu’s Left Wing

By April 3, 2009

Zeek’s monthly cartoon, brought to you courtesy Steve Greenberg

The Saramacca Project

By April 1, 2009

Ever since Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policeman’s Union, Jews have had renewed interest in the "what if?": what if Jewish refugees from WWII had been welcomed in some land outside the Middle East? What would Israel be like today if … Read More

Climbing Rambam’s Ladder

By March 3, 2009

Originally appearing in Zeek’s Fall 2008 issue, a fuller version of this essay may be found in Rabbi Jacob’s new book, There Shall Be No Needy, available now from Jewish Lights. Any Hebrew School teacher and most people who have … Read More