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Joey Kurtzman is former president of Jewcy Partners, LLC, and co-founding editor of Jewcy.com

A Plea to the ADL: Please Stop Talking About Israel

By October 12, 2007

I learned the hard way that the Anti-Defamation League makes it tougher to defend Israel on a college campus. It really isn't difficult to take apart a zealous college leftie spouting rubbish learned from some "fact sheet" about the history … Read More

George Bush: Flip-Floppy on Genocide

By October 10, 2007

George Bush in 2000, while running for President: The Armenians were subjected to a genocidal campaign that defies comprehension and commands all decent people to remember and acknowledge the facts and lessons of an awful crime in a century of … Read More

REMINDER: Jewcy to Protest at Foxman Appearance in Manhattan TOMORROW, September 6

By September 5, 2007

Daily commentary on the ADL/Armenian Genocide uproar JOIN JEWCY AS WE PROTEST ABRAHAM FOXMAN'S UPCOMING APPEARANCE IN MANHATTAN: Foxman's "friend and mentor" Elie Wiesel has described the denial of genocide as like "killing the victims again," and the ADL itself … Read More

The Daily Foxman: The Luftmenschen of Jewcy

By August 30, 2007

Daily commentary on the ADL/Armenian Genocide uproar LUFTMENSCHEN VS. REALISTS: David Kelsey of Jewschool has published “The Luftmenschen of Jewcy,” a post in which he criticizes Jewcy for valuing “moral consistency” over the tough-minded realpolitik that Israel’s current situation demands. … Read More

What if Survivor of Genocide Donated $500 mil to ADL?

By August 24, 2007

Is Eli Valley the Bruce Lee of Jew comics? Yes. Yes, he is. Eli Valley is the Bruce Lee of Jew comics.

The Daily Foxman

By August 24, 2007

Daily commentary on the ADL/Armenian Genocide uproar HA'ARETZ OP-ED CALLS FOR FOXMAN'S RESIGNATION: Today Ha’aretz published "The Politics of Hypocrisy," an op-ed by Friend of Jewcy Evan Goldstein in which Evan calls for Abraham Foxman’s resignation. Evan laments Foxman’s decline … Read More

ADL Speaks Out Against Muslim Org: Sad Cuz It’s Funny

By August 22, 2007

The ADL has issued a deeply credible and morally authoritative press release in which it denounces a nonprofit organization that represents an American religious group. Apparently, that organization has refused to issue "a simple declaratory statement condemning" human rights outrages … Read More

Did Abraham Foxman Acknowledge the Armenian Genocide?

By August 22, 2007

Did Abraham Foxman acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, or reword his denial? Yesterday I noted my puzzlement at the convoluted ways that the ADL statement seemed to affirm the genocide without ever explicitly stating that, yes, this was a genocide. Turns … Read More