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ADL Speaks Out Against Muslim Org: Sad Cuz It’s Funny

The ADL has issued a deeply credible and morally authoritative press release in which it denounces a nonprofit organization that represents an American religious group. Apparently, that organization has refused to issue "a simple declaratory statement condemning" human rights outrages "by name." Even more disturbing, this same organization that refuses to "clearly and unequivocally condemn" atrocities has had the temerity to represent itself as a "civil liberties group with a mission to…encourage justice and mutual understanding." And boy, the Anti-Defamation League sure is outraged by all this.

You know, the Council on American-Islamic Relations may very well be a dodgy organization. But unfortunately, when someone like Foxman condemns such a group, no one other than the Kool-Aid drinkers could possibly read the press release without laughing. That's the cost of behaving as Foxman has. You still may be able to serve as head of a National Association for the Advancement of Jewish People, but can the universalist lectures unless you're going for giggles.

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