About Josh Strawn

Josh Strawn is the lead singer of Blacklist as well as a signatory and vocal advocate of the Euston Manifesto.

Hegel, Jabotinsky, and The Israeli Asshole

By September 25, 2007

Last week, I had the privilege of joining my fellow Jewcers for a night of readings, discussion and Jell-O shooters at the JCC. Say what you like about our vegan-unfriendly methodology, I can think of no worse punishment for over-usage … Read More

Ganji to UN: Don’t Forget About Us

By September 24, 2007

In an open letter addressed to the U.N. Secretary General, Iranian pro-democracy activist Akbar Ganji (no stranger to the Shvitz) asked the organization not to lose sight of lived experience in Iran: The dispute over the enrichment of uranium should … Read More

Kian, Columbia, and the Iranian Two-Step

By September 24, 2007

It wasn't too long ago on the pages of the Shvitz we were joining in the call for the release of several Iranian-American academics who had fallen victim to the regime's crackdown against supposed velvet revolutionaries.  Now, following the long … Read More

UN: Offending The Faithful Hazardous To Health

By September 17, 2007

As if the U.N. weren't ineffectual enough, Doudou Diene, U.N. expert on racism has recently blown minds the world 'round by noting that defaming religion can stir people up. Especially Islam. Leaving aside the question of why supposed progressives conflate … Read More

Punk Band Will Incite Terrorism?

By September 11, 2007

So New Model Army may not be on the tips of nearly as many tongues as they deserve to be today, but some interesting events have arisen recently surrounding the British post-punk icons. Slated to hit the U.S. for some … Read More

We Aren’t All Hamas Now, Either

By September 11, 2007

What explains the counter-intuitive phenomenon of Arabs nominally on the left coming to the defense of the Muslim far-right? This question will not get old or tired until the phenomenon itself ceases to exist.  It gets some rigorous treatment in … Read More

There Is No Second Life

By September 10, 2007

Or, that is to say, everything that happens in Second Life, the Linden Lab online virtual world, is by definition restricted from being real, end of story.  But get this: In the spring 2007 issue of the Indiana Law Journal, … Read More

Kouchner: Let’s Get Physical

By September 10, 2007

Let us not get sidetracked into arcane analysis. We know that there is only one valid approach: to examine the reality on the ground. There is always only one valid approach when it comes to the Arcane vs. the Reality … Read More