About Lara Rabinovitch

Lara is a PhD student in modern Jewish history at NYU. She specializes in Jewish food (among a few other areas), and thereby happily enjoys eating her dissertation topic from time to time. Lara's work has appeared in Gastronomica and Prooftexts, and she's got a few other projects underway. She also contributes to the blog, The Jew and the Carrot. When not writing, teaching, or researching, Lara also loves to cook and bake.

From Heckscher Tzedek to Bible Belt Meat

By August 22, 2007

I knew something was up when my parents switched butchers and started getting their meat from the Amish. As people increasingly raise their food consciousness–realizing that the choices we make about the food we consume deeply affects the environment–the demand … Read More

Hot Nosh from Phat Farm

By August 15, 2007

The latest in vending machine trends allows you to have your hot knish and keep kosher too — anywhere, anytime. Despite their appropriately cheesy name–"Hot Nosh 24/6"–America's first glatt kosher vending machines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days … Read More

Recipe of the Week: Strawberry Jam

By August 6, 2007

Ok, I can't promise a recipe every week. But I can promise you'll be able to make homemade jam. And no, this recipe does not involve sterilizing jars, making wax lids, or using pectin. Just sugar and strawberries and a … Read More

Cross on Delancey

Cross on Delancey
By July 31, 2007

I've had my eye on 121 Ludlow Street for a while now. A giant "For Rent" sign hovered in its window for at least a couple of years, tempting me as I walked by. How cool would it be to … Read More

Soup Spa

Soup Spa
By July 26, 2007

  Jews have long championed the therapeutic properties of Matzoh Ball Soup, but the Japanese have put a whole new spin on Cup Noodles with this latest spa treatment. Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Spa now offers a giant bowl of ramen … Read More

Picky Eaters

By July 25, 2007

The highest grossing restaurant in the U.S. features a 20 foot golden Buddha in the center of its dining room. With over $55 million in sales last year, Tao Las Vegas garnered the title from Restaurants and Institutions Magazine annual … Read More

Easy Mark: Summer Cooking

By July 19, 2007

My favorite M.O.T. chef and New York Times writer Mark Bittman (did anyone else catch him whistling Hatikvah at the start of his online Falafel segment a few weeks back?), published a masterpiece this week. Chef Mark's Wednesday columns get … Read More