About Levi_Brackman

Levi Brackman (born 1978) is a Judaic scholar, rabbi, teacher, writer and religious leader who has been active in both England and the United States and whose writings are featured regularly in Jewish publications internationally and on the Internet.

Upbringing and Education

A native of London, Brackman studied at Yeshivot in Israel, America and Canada and has taught classes in Halacha, Talmud, prayer and Jewish mysticism at Yeshivat Hadar Hatorah in New York and at the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. He received rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg and Rabbi Mordechai Ashkenazi of the Tzemach Tzedek rabbinical college in the Old City of Jerusalem and has a graduate degree from University College London.

Levi Brackman comes from a family of seven boys and two girls, including brothers Rabbi Yossi Brackman the director of the Chabad Jewish Center at the University of Chicago and Rabbi Eli Brackman director of Chabad Society and The David Slager Jewish Student Centre both at Oxford University, UK.


In January 2001, Brackman was appointed to the position of senior rabbi at the Enfield & Winchmore Hill Synagogue where he become known for his inspiring sermons, thought-provoking articles, lively and insightful lectures, and effective life and marriage counseling. He no longer holds that position.

Brackman is founding member and executive director of The Movement for a Tolerant World, an organization that offers young people in Asia, the Middle East and other parts of the globe, a positive and tolerant ideology that provides them with the opportunity to make real and positive changes in their community and the world.

In August 2005, Brackman started a Jewish outreach and cultural organization entitled Judaism in the Foothills, which serves the Foothill communities in the western part of the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. Brackman is the executive director of Judaism in the Foothills.

Publications and Works

Brackman's weekly column, which is distributed over the Internet to thousands globally, is also published on Israeli daily Yedioth Achronoth's English-language website "YNetNews.com". His writings, which cover pertinent social and political issues of the day, have been published on many other popular websites such as "chabad.org", "algemeiner.com", "isralert.com", "Persianrabbi.com", "freerepublic.com" and "thecoloradoadvocate.com", among others. They can also be found on his website.

Brackman’s writings have been published in, among others, The Denver Post, The Intermountain Jewish News (Colorado), Torah Studies (New York), Etehaad (California), and The Canyon Courier. They have also appeared in the Australian Jewish News and in the UK, in The Jewish Chronicle and Hamodia. He has also appeared on TV and his work has been featured in newspapers both in the USA and in the UK. In addition Brackman is often quoted as an expert in major Jewish publications such as The Jewish Post, The Jewish Chronicle, The Jewish Journalamongst others.


Brackman is co-author of Jewish Wisdom for Business Success: Lesson from the Torah and Other Ancient Texts (AMACOM/American Management Association, 2008). The book uses some of the world's greatest writings-the Torah and other Jewish sacred texts-to achieve incredible business results

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