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And Now I Must Be Going

By November 21, 2008

And so we come to the end of a week of blogging. I hope those of you who have been reading along with me have enjoyed the ride. I’ve enjoyed being here. And I’ve liked having the chance to introduce … Read More

Aviv Press: The Inside Story

By November 20, 2008

Today, I’d like to write a bit about being one of Aviv’s authors. The press is small, even not by comparison with the publishing giants. It’s run by one editorial director, an editorial assistant, and a devoted editorial board made … Read More

Kissing and Reading

By November 19, 2008

Let’s start today by talking about kissing. A kiss can be the most incredibly erotically charged gesture… or, when planted perfunctorily on the cheek of a great aunt, a mere gesture of familial affection. The reason the distinction is real … Read More

Putting Those Readings to Work

By November 18, 2008

So the basic concept (I mean, the basic concept in The Boy on the Door on the Ox, my new Aviv Press book) is that all those ancient books that modern types are supposed to find chock full of meaning, … Read More

What the Mishna’s Really About

By November 17, 2008

Martin Samuel Cohen, author of The Boy on the Door on the Ox, will spend this week guest blogging as one of Jewcy‘s Lit Klatsch bloggers.  In his book, Cohen, a student of rabbinics, explores the Mishnah using its own … Read More