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Michael is an editor of Nextbook and a contributing editor of Jewcy. His work has appeared in Slate, Gawker, New York, Democratiya, Reason, The New Criterion, The Weekly Standard, City Journal and Standpoint. His blog is Snarksmith.

Commenter Executions

By November 13, 2008

Gawker has weekly executions of tiresome commenters, and these work out pretty well in that they encourage the rest of the chorus to keep things witty and interesting. If we had Gawker’s traffic we might not care that a few … Read More

Norman Finkelstein’s Rider for Speaking Engagements

By November 7, 2008

Action Palestine, like The Smoking Gun before it, reproduces the rider for one hard-to-please performer: NOTES RE: NORMAN FINKELSTEIN HIMSELF–No cell phone or laptop, yet needs to check email often(so have a computer handy). Enjoys swimming b4 speaking(clears sinuses). Prefers … Read More


By November 6, 2008

 Want to swish this around in your elite, chardonnay-soaked gob? Among other things, Obama’s pick of Rahm Israel Emanuel, whose father is of Israeli origin, gives the lie to an endless wild myths that political enemies have tirelessly spread during … Read More

Obama’s Realism: The First 1,000 Days

By November 6, 2008

And then we came to the end of the longest presidential race in history, and all were happy. Amen. I’m beginning to warm to President-Elect Obama. The campaign that gloried in poetry has already begun to plot its governance in … Read More

The Post-mortem on Palin

By November 6, 2008

Slate wasted no time in throwing up a "What now?" quorum discussion for the right in the wake of the GOP’s big bruising. Now comes a host of disclosures from the McCain camp itself that Sarah Palin was an accident … Read More

Change You Can Motherfucking Believe In

By November 5, 2008

What’s happened since Rahm Emanuel was last in the White House, acting under assorted titles as a chief strategist for Bill Clinton?  Well, he became a U.S. representative from Chicago. His brother Ari, the overcaffeinated Hollywood superagent, inspired the character … Read More

Happy Honeymoon

By November 5, 2008

Cold water on the left less than 24 hours later. From the Nation, on Obama’s likely pick of Rahm Emanuel (brother of the man who inspired Jeremy Piven’s character on Entourage, thank you) as White House chief of staff: Emanuel … Read More

About Last Night…

By November 5, 2008

Where were you standing? is already taken as zeitgeisty question, and How do you feel? is a mite banal, but the spirit of both were too tempting to skip asking Jewcy‘s inner and outer circles. So we did. Check back … Read More