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Michael is an editor of Nextbook and a contributing editor of Jewcy. His work has appeared in Slate, Gawker, New York, Democratiya, Reason, The New Criterion, The Weekly Standard, City Journal and Standpoint. His blog is Snarksmith.

Introducing Tablet Magazine

By June 9, 2009

As a former Jewcer, I’m pleased to call your attention to Tablet Magazine, the new and newsier incarnation of Nextbook. We launched at midnight last night after four not-so-grueling months of redesign and reconceptualization. (Just to preempt any confusion: Nextbook … Read More

Charles Freeman and His Curious Defenders

By March 10, 2009

The controversy that has engulfed that now all-but-scuttled appointment of Charles Freeman to the post of National Intelligence Council leader is, I think, a bellwether moment for what today passes for “progressive” opinion.  The fashionable charge, leveled by many leftish … Read More

Blacklist at Mercury Lounge Saturday

By February 26, 2009

Jewcy contributor Josh Strawn and his band Blacklist are performing this Saturday at Mercury Lounge in NYC: 217 East Houston Street. They go on at 10:30. My interview with Josh, another good Eustonista, is available here. And embedded for your … Read More

In Iraq For Years To Come

By February 11, 2009

Eli Lake, whose code name among Al Qaeda operatives is "The Jew" (I kid you not), provides further evidence that a U.S. military presence shall indeed persist in Iraq, well beyond the nominal exit date set forth in the Status … Read More

Change You Can’t Quite Articulate

By February 11, 2009

A long time ago, in a decade called the 90’s, there was a brave and brilliant little website known as Suck.com, which featured daily essays — presented in a charming but sometimes hard to read "snaking" format like this — … Read More

Obama, Chastened

By February 6, 2009

John Heilemann has a characteristically shrewd essay up at New York magazine, explaining how Obama’s losses thus far are mostly his own fault: The Republican Mau-Mauing of the stimulus package has reinforced a persistent critique from Obama’s left: that his … Read More

Poem of the Day: “Office Friendships”

By February 4, 2009

Eve is madly in love with Hugh And Hugh is keen on Jim. Charles is in love with very few And few are in love with him. Myra sits typing notes of love With romantic pianist’s fingers. Dick turns his … Read More

If You Were Looking for An Open-and-Shut Case of Antisemitism…

By January 23, 2009

You could do worse than consult the Catalunya government’s recent decision to cancel Barcelona’s ceremony for International Holocaust Remembrance Day because of Israel’s attack on Gaza: Over 30,000 people marched in Catalunya’s streets in support of Hamas, during the three-week … Read More