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If You Were Looking for An Open-and-Shut Case of Antisemitism…
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If You Were Looking for An Open-and-Shut Case of Antisemitism…

You could do worse than consult the Catalunya government’s recent decision to cancel Barcelona’s ceremony for International Holocaust Remembrance Day because of Israel’s attack on Gaza:

Over 30,000 people marched in Catalunya’s streets in support of Hamas, during the three-week campaign, burning Israeli flags and handing out flyers threatening local pro-Israel journalists.

The overwhelming public support for the Palestinians has prompted the government to cancel the Holocaust Remembrance Day service. This was to be the only public event marking the day, and was scheduled to take place in Barcelona’s central piazza. 

As Norm Geras puts it: "Quite apart from the fact that Israel’s attack on Gaza is hereby put down to the discredit of millions of Jews, you have to contend with the special idiocy that these are Jews long dead, their memory not now to be respected because of a conflict in 2008-9."

Nothing to see here, folks. Just another example of deranged "fringe" opinion in no way reflective of a creeping zeitgeist. By indicating the action of a regional European government as an instance of how anti-Zionist sentiment has fused with classical anti-Semitism, I might as well be directing you to Stormfront’s online forum.


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