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Introducing Tablet Magazine

As a former Jewcer, I’m pleased to call your attention to Tablet Magazine, the new and newsier incarnation of Nextbook. We launched at midnight last night after four not-so-grueling months of redesign and reconceptualization. (Just to preempt any confusion: Nextbook is still the name of our media holding company; think of it as the Conde Nast to Tablet’s Jewish New Yorker, if that’s not a redundancy.)

Tablet is edited by Alana Newhouse, the wunderkind behind the Forward‘s old Arts & Culture page, with assists from Jesse Oxfeld of Gawker and New York Magazine, and Gabriel Sanders, also of the Forward and Vanity Fair. I handle our politics coverage, which includes editing our two op-ed columnists Victor Navasky (The Nation) and Seth Lipsky (the much lamented New York Sun).  If that’s not a highbrow form of Crossfire in digital media, I don’t know what is.

Jeff Goldberg, too, is slated to write a regular column for us, serializing his forthcoming book from Nextbook’s Jewish Encounters series, on Judah Maccabee. (I’m also the liaison between the magazine and the publishing arm, overseen by the excellent Jonathan Rosen).

What else? Oh yeah, our spiffy design is explained in a slideshow here.

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