About Rachel Kramer Bussel

Rachel Kramer Bussel is a writer, editor, blogger, reading series host, cupcake enthusiast, and New Yorker. She has edited over a dozen erotic anthologies, most recently Yes, Sir, Yes, Ma'am, Dirty Girls, and Best Sex Writing 2008, and has contributed stories to more than 100 others, including Best American Erotica 2004 and 2006. Rachel has written for publications and websites such as AVN, Bust, Cosmo UK, Curve, Fresh Yarn, Gothamist, Huffington Post, Mediabistro, Memoirville.com, New York Post, Penthouse, Playgirl, Time Out New York and Zink. She hosts and curates In The Flesh Reading Series and wrote the popular Lusty Lady column in The Village Voice. She co-edits the blog Cupcakes Take the Cake. Her first novel, Everything But..., will be published by Bantam.

In her free time, she can be found reading, playing video game (like Q*bert!), attending trivia nights and comedy shows, and working out at CrossfitNYC.

Appreciating My Grandparents, As An Adult

By January 9, 2009

I flew out to St. Louis yesterday to surprise my grandfather, Norman Bussel, who did a reading here at Left Bank Books last night from his memoir My Private War: Liberated Body, Captive Mind: A World War II POW’s Journey … Read More

Is Kvetching a Natural Part of Jewish Culture?

Is Kvetching a Natural Part of Jewish Culture?
By January 8, 2009

In Peggy Orenstein’s memoir about her lust to become a parent, Waiting for Daisy, she writes about her marriage to a Japanese-American man and their cultural differences: “I’m a Jew – I consider kvetching my birthright, a way to connect … Read More

How to Make a Book Trailer

By January 6, 2009

Last year, I shot my first (but hopefully not my last!) book trailer for my anthology Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica. One common question I get is…what’s a book trailer? Well, it’s like a movie trailer, but for a book, and in … Read More

How I Went From an NYU Law Student to a Smut Writer

By January 5, 2009

Rachel Kramer Bussel, author of Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica, is guest blogging this week as one of Jewcy‘s Lit Klatsch bloggers. Her book is a collection of stories about spanking and its sexual appeal.  Before I officially start, a word of … Read More

Circumcised Guys Do it Better

By April 1, 2008

Does circumcision damage a guy’s sensitivity? According to a study in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times, the answer is no. For the study, 4,500 sexually active Ugandan men gave up their foreskins in the name of science. After two years, the … Read More

Like a Virgin: Sex, Love, and Dating

Like a Virgin: Sex, Love, and Dating
By September 11, 2007

In the realms of sex, love and dating, we all need the occasional do-over. Not only are all three arenas fraught with the potential for miscommunication, mistakes, and regret, but they also lead to a lot of self-flagellation—we’re always beating … Read More