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Richard Chess, poetry editor, Zeek 

Richard Chess is the author of three books of poems, THIRD TEMPLE (2007), CHAIR IN THE DESERT (2000), and TEKIAH (1994), all published by The University of Tampa Press.  He directs the Creative Writing Program at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.  He also directs UNCA's Center for Jewish Studies.

POEMS: “Alive” plus Mr. Nobody

By June 12, 2008

Alive At the hour when the world ceases to be you will be sitting under a plane-tree half unleafed on a lively, noisy avenue nothing around you will have really changed you will still be father, son and lover a … Read More

POEMS: “Palestine, A Sestina” plus others

By June 5, 2008

IMPROVISATION ON LINES BY ISAAC THE BLIND Only by sucking, not by knowing, can the subtle essence be conveyed- sap of the word and the world's flowing that raises the scent of the almond blossoming, and yellows the bulbul in … Read More

POEM: For the Rabbinical Judge

By May 15, 2008

I might have pulled your beard, Santa Claus or Shakespearian king, your black silk coat damasked with mock flowers. You drew an anthropologist's bouquet of questions out of your hat, too warm to wear in the court and placed between … Read More

POEM: “All” by Agi Mishol

By May 8, 2008

Life that swirls in the scraps of swallows in the early evening, reaching out red from within the flower, sprawling lazily along the entire length of the cat, barking and then listening for a moment to itself within the dog, … Read More