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Richard Chess, poetry editor, Zeek 

Richard Chess is the author of three books of poems, THIRD TEMPLE (2007), CHAIR IN THE DESERT (2000), and TEKIAH (1994), all published by The University of Tampa Press.  He directs the Creative Writing Program at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.  He also directs UNCA's Center for Jewish Studies.


By April 17, 2009

Goodbye There is no word for it in Hebrew, and it’s never used in the Bible except when someone says, "Go towards peace." If I must go or if someone must leave me, I say, "See you later" or "We’ll … Read More

Judging Elijah

By March 28, 2009

A Just Place [A response to A. R. Ammons’ "In Memoriam Mae Noblitt"] There’s no such thing as "just a place": some walk deserts, coil in the tanks of trucks, tear themselves under fences, looking for a just place as … Read More


By March 21, 2009

Cashing In   After he takes out his silver clip of 20 sawbucks and tosses it on the table, my father snoozes on the couch, dreams made of Scotch. My mother slaps the iron with her palm to hear it … Read More

Joseph Explains

By March 6, 2009

Every action creates its equal, its opposite. But when a black hole puckers time and space, all will fall into its influence. I fell, deep through earth’s center and came out rising on the other side to portion out earth’s … Read More

from “Mutable and Immutable,” a 10-poem cycle by Maya Bejerano

By March 1, 2009

from Mutable and Immutable[1]   2. Who is he who paralyzes me Who is he who kicks me Who is he Who transforms me Who fascinates me Who raises me Who escorts me with congenial threats Who scratches my back … Read More

Two Poems by Adam Sol

By February 20, 2009

Jeremiah at the Outlet Mall  Even the parking lot is a three day walk across, where a man named Harold Hillman has painted his initials around the shadows of the cars. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  Behold!  Only he has left his mark on … Read More

Two Poems by Amy Gottlieb

By February 13, 2009

Beit Daniel Guest House, 1994  Question:   What time capsule can I drop here for our baby son who laughs in a February rainstorm in the arms of a woman who speaks no language I know, who leads us through … Read More

Four Poems by Peter Cole

By January 23, 2009

(Valent)Lines For A   What law and power has blessed me so that in this provocation of flesh I have been wedded to gentleness? – Delicacy of an intricate mesh of our thought and meals and talking has brought me … Read More