Alex Eidman

Alex went to McGill University in Montreal, but he grew up in Englewood, NJ. He likes soft things.

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Shtickball: The Jewish Baseball Karma Edition

For some Jewish players, heeding the call of the shofar took a backseat to the diamond. Let’s see how they fared…

Shtickball: The Weekly Platter

This week Schtickball hops around to find you stories from the across wide world of sports. Off we go!

Shtickball: Where I Complain About The Lack Of Complaining Israeli Tennis Players

Israeli tennis players are experiencing somewhat of a resurgence, with names like Dudi Sela, Shahar Pe’er and Amir Weubtraub leading the charge. Why aren’t they embracing their culture by whining?

Shtickball: Yes, We’re Ready For Some Football

The NFL season kicked off last night, with as many military flyovers and hooplah as you might expect. We’re excited, obviously.

Shtickball: Dog Days

Should sports just go on a break during the dog days of summer? Time to wax nostalgic about little league.

Shtickball: The Israeli Basketball Edition

Although the prospects of an NBA season grow dimmer by the day, Jewish ballers do not let the man get them down.

Shtickball: The Horrible Bosses Edition

Horrible Bosses may be a pretty raunchy movie with some funny people in it, but it’s also a pretty apt description of the two head honchos of the two most embattled major sports.

Shtickball: Deadline Deals for The Israelites

A list of the athletes we’d love to see make a move over to team Jew.