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Alex went to McGill University in Montreal, but he grew up in Englewood, NJ. He likes soft things.

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Shtickball: From Herzl To Brian Wilson

Follicle trends have been important components of both sports and Judaism for centuries.

Shtickball: Breaking Down An Draft NBA That The Impending Lockout May Render Obsolete

Last night The NBA put aside the petty squabbling of guys with tons of money to usher in fresh talent and hopefully (but not successfully) take people’s minds off the fact that we may not see any of these guys on the court come November.

The Big Jewcy: Dave Zirin – Sportswriting Game Changer

Zirin’s book, “Bad Sports: How Owners are Ruining the Games We Love,” is a wake-up call for fans of all sports.

Shtickball: Dirk Nowitzki: A Giant German Jews Can Love

In the movies, if you saw a 7-foot German dude ambling towards you, you’d probably get the hell out of his sightline before he yelled some harsh syllables in your ear while breaking your kneecap.

South Korea: The New Hotbed For Talmudic Scholarship

South Korea is giving Yeshivas a run for their gelt with their Talmudic studies.

Shtickball: Checking in on my Fantasy Baseball Team

Let’s take a look at the booms and busts on team Shtickball so far.

Shtickball: Athletes Say The Darndest Things, Sometimes About Terrorists

We wanted to title this “Sometimes athletes shouldn’t talk,” but figured it’s better to be nice.

Shtickball: Ryan Braun And Baseball Romance

Ladies love Ryan Braun.