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Andy Selsberg has written for the Village Voice, the Believer and GQ. He blogs at Citizen Truth.

Grow On, Hipster Beard!

By November 8, 2007

[Note: This is a response to Izzy Grinspan's anti-beard polemic.] A hipster beard isn’t supposed to be sexy. It’s post-sex. Sex is over; the only body part we’re looking to stroke is our beard. We’re onto the next thing. We’re … Read More

The Sopranos and the End of Masculinity

By June 7, 2007

In the pilot episode of The Sopranos, mob captain Tony Soprano and his teenage daughter Meadow sit in an old, empty church. Tony marvels at the place—its grandeur, its history—and tries to get his daughter to do the same. “Your … Read More