About Ari Y Kelman

Ari Y Kelman is an assistant professor of American studies and a member of the Jewish Studies Program Committee. He is the author of Station Identification: a Cultural History of Yiddish Radio in the United States (2008, University of California Press), and the co author, with Steven M. Cohen, of a number of studies of contemporary Jewish identities. He sits on the editorial board of the quarterly "guilt and pleasure," and is actively involved in a number of Jewish cultural projects. His current research interests include music, identity, community, and contemporary worship.

Mapping The Network Of Jewish Websites

By October 29, 2010

The following piece by Ari Y. Kelman, Professor of American Studies and Director of the Graduate Group in the Study of Religion at UC Davis, is an excerpt from a soon to be published study entitled “Reality of the Virtual: … Read More

How Should We Pray for Israel on Her 60th Anniversary?

By May 7, 2008

What kind of prayer suits the relationship that American Jews have with Israel, a country they don't live in, but that many feel an affinity toward? What kind of prayer is appropriate where national politics, ideological differences, and theological concerns … Read More

The New Jew Canon: The Black Atlantic

By April 28, 2008

  The New Jew Canon is a long-term project that seeks to canonize essential Jewish (and some Non-Jewish) reads as recommended by extraordinary rabbis, experts, and cultural leaders. Suggestions are welcome via comments or email. Title: The Black Atlantic Author: … Read More